Automatic Traffic Count Surveys

Our ATC surveys are the most cost-effective and reliable way to gather large amounts of information, including classification and speed data on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis by all classes of transport. We use the most advanced equipment available to produces precise results that you can rely on.

Classified Turning counts

We do classified turning counts surveys manually and also using digital cameras to record traffic movements to perform quality assurance checks and ensures the highest accuracy level for all our data collection. Filming works the best for large multi armed roundabouts and complex road network surveys

Pedestrian Surveys

We work on pedestrian surveys across UK in both rural and urban settings Using manual or video surveys – or a combination of both when needed. We can collect and supply accurate, reliable pedestrian data of complicated pedestrian movements and behaviour, footfall studies, and high-density crowd studies.

Cycle Surveys

There are increasing number of cyclists on our roads each year. Our digital recording equipment allows us to provide comprehensive analysis showing cycle movements, age, and time. Hence these data can be used for many developmental programmes.

Public Transport Survey

We undertake complex rail and bus passenger monitoring surveys, some of the examples are station count survey, platform survey passenger movement count, bus stop activity, bus occupancy, public transport user service. We undertake this survey both manually and using digital cameras.

Queue Length Studies

We provide Simplified, Signalised, Non-Signalised, and Mean Maximum Queue Length studies. Most of our Queue Length surveys to be recorded in conjunction with MCC’s allowing us to supply a cost-effective package for both survey types.

Journey Time Surveys

Journey Time studies can be conducted using our in-vehicle GPS camera system or by using digital video camera. Our data show all timings between each point and elapsed times as standard as well as feature delay and other delay times with needed explanations.

Saturation Flow Studies

We use digitally camera to record to analyse in our office. PCU values, signal green phases and cycle times are recorded and used to calculate the degree of saturation.

PV2 Surveys

We are also keen to provide PV2 analysis to assist with the development of safety on our roads and sidewalks (pavements). We use digital camera to record pedestrian and vehicle movements every 15 minutes over a continuous time period to identify the peak 4 hours with the greatest conflict between pedestrians and vehicles.

Topographical Surveys

We offer extensive range of topographical surveys like Area measurement survey, GPS surveys, Boundary survey etc. We take pride in producing high quality CAD drawings and 3D models with a survey solution tailored to the specific needs of your project.

Global Survey Specialist Ltd

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