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The collection and analysis of data will by itself produce new ideas!

Simple… Transparent….Scalable….

Global Survey Specialist Ltd will help you to get into the deeper thoughts of data collection. We are more into traffic data collection and analysis with a high degree of accuracy and precision. Our traffic data collection services lay a foundation for the traffic engineering and support planning areas and also for the purpose of other public and private sector agencies.

We precisely ‘count’ data to help you to beneficially ‘count’ on your transportation planning!

It can be of any kind of traffic survey you need, we provide solutions that are completely customized and we use both manual and automatic methods to perform traffic counts and surveys.

Global Survey Specialist Ltd

Well-suited to help the transportation engineering industry

The traffic count services that we proffer will help people primarily in transportation planning and assist throughout transportation engineering. Also, the traffic data that we precisely collect will help in the maintenance of all the road networks in all rural and urban locations. Our team will quickly respond to any type of clients from an architecture background and from other planning agencies from local to highways.

On-time data collection

Our data collection services will be and on-time and we compromise with the quality while providing the same. The team of Global Survey Specialist Ltd will give quick responses to all your queries and we guarantee a high degree of client satisfaction

Serving the Entire Bay Area

Our traffic and transportation data will provide highly efficient data services and our data serves to be of the best quality from the traffic data collection experts. You can make use of our premier data collection services for any requirements.

Experienced Professionals

Right from the beginning of the process till the end, our team of expert professionals will assist you in the process and with the service. You can enquire us anytime with your queries over email and calls.


We will provide you with the best and most efficient services at affordable costs and you can avail these services for any of your business requirements. We do validate the data collection to ensure the correctness of data.

Precise data coverage

The most important that data needs to hold is precision. Only highly precise data can be used for existence. Our data analysts will go through complete research and provides you with solutions that are clear and transparent and even when it is customized to your needs.

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Global Survey Specialist Ltd

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We are more than happy to assist you with all the queries related to traffic data collection and transportation data analysis services. Our team of experts will be of assistance for you throughout the journey of your requirements clarification. Kindly call us or drop us an email to know more about the methodology for the services we offer and to discuss your individual needs.


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